Pajunen/Brynnel Duo

Photo by Reid Simpson
Photo by Reid Simpson


Sara Pajunen – violin and voice (see for more info)

Sunniva Brynnel – accordion and voice

With deep roots in the Swedish and Finnish folk music traditions, this new duo performs both traditional music from the two countries as well as their original music. Both members have toured internationally for many years and when they met at the New England Conservatory, Boston, an instant musical kinship was discovered.

The violin and accordion – sometimes playing like one voice, at other times complementing each other in sympathetic, melodious and playful ways. With singing in Finnish, Swedish and English, the duo brings to the stage their musical backgrounds and passions.

Said about the duo:

“Swedish accordionist Sunniva Brynnel and Finnish-American violinist Sara Pajunen have a natural chemistry that was very evident at their first gig together as a duo at the Journeys in Sound series at the Arts at the Armory. You could have easily assumed that the two had been playing together for some time as each seemed very much at ease playing traditional music and original music rooted from both of their heritages.”

– John Bechard, music curator of the Journeys in Sound series